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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brush Your Teeth For Heart Health?

     That's right; stopping plaque in your mouth can stop plaque in your arteries! And how? Are arterial and oral plaque the same thing? Well, sort of, yes.

    You see, in your mouth there's a certain bacteria, called Streptococcus. When Streptococcus is in your mouth, it's mostly harmless. But say you've cut your lip, or bitten your tongue, or otherwise opened the blood vessels in your mouth. Congratulations, you've let Streptococcus loose in your bloodstream. And once it gets in, it doesn't come out.

     What's more, streptococcus can encase itself in a cocoon that shields it from your immune system and antibiotics. It's a near perfect defense. And naturally, these bacteria stick together, forming an armored clot in your arteries, coming closer and closer to cutting off your blood supply. Don't be a heartless bastard; brush your teeth.


  1. interesting stuff here. I'm going to start brushing more