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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How Your Teeth Can Prevent Dementia

Japanese scientists have come forward with the results of a study linking tooth loss with dementia in the elderly.
   In a study done on 4,200 individuals, those who reported symptoms of memory loss were the ones who also had fewer of their own teeth. Dr. Nozomi Okamoto, the chief investigator of the study, has a couple of theories about this link. He says that the death of sensory receptors int he mouth can be linked with dying neurons in the brain, and that inflammatory substances released from infected gums can contribute to inflammation in the brain.
Food for thought, indeed.


  1. hahah didn't know about this, I'll keep this in mind for my grandma..

  2. This seems a bit crazy. Dementia is a terrible thing though.

  3. Theres always studies like this coming out. I remember when they said Apples will give you cancer...

  4. Well if you are having a hard time connecting your memories brushing your teeth is probably last on your list of things to remember to do.

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  5. Another breakthrough in the search for a cure for dementia.